The Fusion

Objective: To bridge the gap between contemporary fashion and hip-hop culture in Cameroon, leveraging the influence of rapper Blueprint Hakeem to drive sales and engagement for OII Company’s innovative QR code-activated merchandise.


Employing a strategic partnership with Blueprint Hakeem, known for his strong fanbase and cultural influence, to introduce a line of QR code-activated t-shirts. These shirts not only serve as fashion statements but also as gateways to exclusive digital content, fostering a unique consumer-brand interaction.

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The Execution

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The campaign rolled out with a series of teasers on social media, followed by a launch event featuring a live performance by Blueprint Hakeem. The t-shirts were promoted through influencer endorsements, interactive social media challenges, and pop-up shops in urban hotspots.


The campaign generated a 300% increase in website traffic for OII Company and A surge in brand engagement.

40% rise in social media followers.
QR scans within the first week, leading to direct album downloads.
Innovative Marketing Award at the Cameroon Business Gala.
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