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We Grow Brands of All Sizes, Stages, and Verticals

In Africa


Young brands seeking growth and return on investment (ROI).



Mid-level brands seeking growth, existing channel optimization, and expansion into new channels.



Mature brands seeking growth, innovation, and expansion into 
new markets.


We activate and scale brands in retail with a goal of cross-channel domination

We empower DTC brands to grow and optimize online revenue


We drive growth by finding the right shoppers on the right channels

We push brands beyond their boundaries as culture and consumers evolve


We achieve results through informed decisions backed by data and analytics


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Our Mission

Mission is to turn the leads into a conversation.

Igniting brand revolutions with local soul and global goals.

1. Relentless

Aiming for greatness in every project, we craft legacies with lasting impact.

2. Resilient

Evolving with the market, we turn challenges into triumphs with agility and insight.

Case Studies

Case Studies That Transfrormed Brands

Witness the metamorphosis of ambition into achievement through our brand success stories.

Kiro'o Games

Increased leads by 425%
21.000+ Likes
$0.16 Per Click

Oii Company

Increased leads by 600%
45.000+ Likes
$0.23 Per Click



Increased leads by 150%
8.000+ Likes
$0.13 Per Click


Increased leads by 200%
12.000+ Likes
$0.16 Per Click

Oii Company

Increased leads by 525%
24.000+ Likes
$0.28 Per Click

OIC Pole

Increased leads by 330%
30.000+ Likes
$0.15 Per Click

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Experience Matters

“Every stitch tells a story, and every brand has a journey. LikersMedia celebrates the spirit of Africa, empowering brands with the wisdom of experience to weave success.”
Michèle-Ange Minkata
“Experience is the secret ingredient to success. With LikersMedia, I’ve seen African brands soar, harnessing the rich tapestry of our heritage to make a global impact.”
Daryl Skovic

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