Malta Tonic

Objective: To infuse Malta Tonic’s brand presence with the dynamic energy of Cameroon’s rap scene, leveraging the popularity of Tenor to create a campaign that resonates with the youth and stands out in the crowded beverage market.


The campaign was designed to capitalize on Tenor’s iconic catchphrase, ‘le fiang le way le yamo,’ transforming it into a catchy slogan that embodies the spirit of Malta Tonic: “Je bois le way, je yamo.” This approach aimed to create a strong association between the artist’s vibrant persona and the brand’s image.

A Rhythmic
Brand Symphony

The Execution

Serving Up.
The Work.

A series of high-energy commercials featuring Tenor were broadcast across multiple media channels, accompanied by a social media blitz that included interactive challenges, user-generated content, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. The campaign also featured limited-edition Malta Tonic bottles with Tenor’s signature and slogan.

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